• Welcome! The journey of finding a piece of jewelry that makes you feel beautiful is a special thing. The thought that someone handmade it makes it even better. There is no such thing as imperfections in this world of jewelry. Inclusions in a stone? A plier mark in the metal? A slight difference in the size of two hammered links? Those are just special touches that make each item as unique as you are.

    My name is Lydia. Creativity can be expressed in so many ways. I paint, sketch, dress windows, decorate cakes...but my true love is jewelry. I love working with Semi-precious stones, Sterling Silver, Bronze, Brass and vintage items. I love creating pieces to sell in Spectrum, but most of my time is devoted to custom orders. It provides me with so much pleasure to make someone exactly what they want. Sometimes that might just be restringing a simple bracelet or creating gemstone earrings to match an existing necklace.

    I opened Spectrum Memorial Day weekend in 2012. Spectrum has handcrafted items from about 85 different artists. We have mostly jewelry but do have other whimsies like cards, soaps, wood pieces, ceramics, sidewalk chalk, scarves, mittens, children's hats and pins & magnets. We are located at 9 N 1st St in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. I've been so incredibly happy and blessed. Rehoboth is a wonderful community and we have an awesome assortment of people that come to visit during our summer months.